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Requesting a Life Certificate has never been easier

Do you experience problems with the regular Life Certificate requests process? Are you concerned about possible financial risks in case you skip requesting these for one year? Do you hold off on more frequently requesting certificates to avoid frustrating your client? Do documents ever go missing? Does the process take too much time? Is the process an annual burden for your clients?

These are common signals and concerns. And you would like to improve this process and control it. You want to align the timing with the financial risks, monitor progress whenever you wish, and have your clients send the documents in the most user friendly way. We have the solution!

Attestatie de Vita makes requesting and returning a life certificate very straightforward. Both for yourself and for your clients. GDPS takes care of the complete Life Certificate process using Attestatie de Vita. And by “complete” we really mean “complete”! It includes the request, reminders, receipt, assessment and confirmation! Whenever and in whichever way you wish to do this.

Simply from home, all completed within five minutes.

And your customers? They can send their Life Certificates in whichever way they are comfortable with. Either by post or digitally, on paper or using their desktop, tablet or our dedicated mobile app. With our latest technology, your customers can do all this from home. A trip to the council, registration office or embassy is no longer necessary. Five minutes is all that is required.

Are you curious how we make this work and how we can help your organization? Please contact us. We are happy to organize a meeting with you to discuss the possibilities and to show you how it can be done.

Unique mobile app: documents no longer required

As the first organization in the world GDPS offers you and your customers the possibility to easily provide a Life Certificate using a mobile app. Simply from home, without any administrative hassle. Even without an appointment at the local authorities. We use the latest technology and developments in the area of identification and biometrics.

When you are using our services, your customers no longer face costs for requesting a life certificate and they save time as a trip to local authorities is not needed. Using the mobile app, your customers can organize this within five minutes, whereas before it would have taken them hours. There is no loss of authenticity.

For your own organization, you realize cost savings for postage and administrative tasks that would normally be required for the assessment of life certificates, obviously without loss of quality.

Are you interested in how it works and what we can do for your organization? Please contact us. We are happy to present what the benefits are for you and your customers.

The Portal is your perfect control

The Portal provides you with an overview. On the Dashboard, you will see at a glance how many files are “In progress”. In addition, the Portal provides insight in the numbers per status, and you can view the details of each file.

Do you often receive documents too late or not at all? We send several reminders automatically, via letter, email and text message, and we ensure that documents are always received on time.

Are you looking for a file for a specific person? Using the Search tool, you will find the correct file within seconds. The “Detailed view” also provides insight in all communication timings, in addition to all the file’s information. Of course, this is where you will also find all documents the customer has returned.

Everything is aimed at making it as easy as possible for you. The only thing you need to do is to ensure that we receive the new requests. We look after everything else.

The benefits for you and for your clients

More control

Insight in all requests statuses at all times. Clear overview on the Dashboard.

More customer friendly

Your customer can return documents using their means of choice. Paper, digital or using our unique mobile app.

Fast assessment

Standard assessment within 2 working days. Using the app, this can even be completed within 5 minutes.

Secure & Reliable

Our application meets the highest security requirements. Obviously we need to ensure this, as it concerns your information.


Flexible options for requests, communication, returning and assessment. For you and your customers.

Lower cost

You will save a lot of time and therefore costs. Your financial risks will reduce.