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Possibilities using GDPS Mobile ID Check

There are endless possibilities using GDPS Mobile ID Check, as long as it relates to an identification. Whether it concerns a significant purchase, a business transaction, legalization of signatures or leasing equipment. Just a few examples of processes where our Mobile ID Check could be the solution. Other examples:

  • Taking out a mortgage
  • Purchasing a car online
  • Selling a valuable piece of art
  • Verification of a foreign business
  • Accepting or rejecting a heritage
  • Leasing real estate
  • Identification for credit applications
  • Proof of life for an annuity payout

Your satisfaction is ours

You will find a brief overview of some product characteristics below. The most important characteristic of the product will always be that you and your customers are satisfied with the complete product. Whether our service, speed, accuracy, or the favorable price are the reason for this is not so important.

Once you and your customers are both satisfied with the product, then we are. That is our everyday goal. In the past, present and future.

GDPS Mobile ID Check characteristics

Supporting ID documents with RFID Chip (ICAO specifications) from more than 125 countries

Seamless integration with your process or back end systems using our standard APIs

Using the latest innovative techniques in the field of identification and biometrics

All personal data saved in a secure and signed PDF file Including a photo from the ID Document

No expensive hardware required Identification using a NFC compatible smart phone

Increase in quality of your administration due to availability of digital personal data

Easy access to the secure mobile app using a personal and unique QR code

The data will be removed from our servers following identification. Nice and secure!

More information?

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