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About GDPS Group

GDPS Group B.V. specializes in optimizing business processes in the Financial Services sector. Our team of employees, together with a group of affiliated independent experts in the field of process optimization, provides companies with consultancy services to enhance their current business processes. We are fully up-to-date with new trends and we are using the latest methods and techniques. Above all, we assist process users in changing their approach to their current business processes. Often, they master the detailed knowledge behind a process, but they may not have the expertise to optimize it.

In addition, GPDS provides two innovative Business Process products:

Attestatie de Vita

A unique platform to deliver the “Life Certificate request” process.

With Attestatie de Vita we are looking after the entire Life Certificate request process. It includes the request, reminders, receipt, assessment and confirmation! This platform has made us a pioneer at global level when it comes to digital identification.

Mobile ID Check

With the Mobile ID Check for smartphones it is possible to identify people remotely. Just as reliable as physical identification. It includes digital data from an ID document. Simply at home, at work or on the move, all completed within 5 minutes.

Our mission

Our aim is to contribute to business process user satisfaction, always and everywhere around the world.

Every time - Everywhere - Every way

Our vision

Processes should always support users and should never cause frustration.

In our process optimization and processes we want to ensure that users always feel supported. This means that users may carry out their process the way they wish to, with their own means, at their location of choice and whenever they wish. And this will support efficient business operations and healthy results for our clients.

Every time - Everywhere - Every way.

Team GDPS Group